The most frequently asked questions:

Is this really easy?
Yes, Easy Instagram Followers ebook is 100% easy to use as many times as you wish. We will never charge for this ebook.

How do you do this?
You can refer to our how it works to find out how our instagram instructions work.

Can I use this more than once?
Yes you may use our steps as many times as you wish, please allow a bit of patience for the followers, likes or comments to come through.

What is Human Verification?
Human verification is where we require the user to complete a very short survey to ensure they are infact human. We have had many attempts of bots trying to steal our algorithm which would harm our bot. We want to ensure this service stays stable and can provide all users with the instagram followers, likes or comments ebook at all times.

How do I get started?
Just simply navigate back to our Home Page and fill out the short form and submit your form. There you will be prompted to complete a short human verification survey. Once you have completed your survey, please just simply download our ebook and follow the simple steps!


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